Theoretical aspects of strategic change

Margarita Išoraitė


Strategic changes inevitably affect many people within the organisation and create conditions for each of them to change as individuals. Changes in organization affect not only human activities and behaviour, but also personal beliefs, attitudes, settings, etc. These objectives can be successfully implemented only if people share the organisation’s strategic objectives. This paper analyses the concept of strategic changes and types of strategic change in the prescriptive and emergent methodology and the strategic management process. Change management consists of several interrelated components, processes, factors: changes in knowledge management need, desire and intention to change, skills, ability to change; change content management shall be based on psychology, economics, business administration, organisational behaviour, etc.; change management task is the best possible way to implement new methods or to respond to external changes; change management consists of models, methods and skills required in practice. Leadership plays an important role in linking the strategic management of change at the level of an organisation and self-directed personal change of the employees.


change; strategic change; strategic change management

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