International and cross-border entrepreneurship: the case of Greece and Bulgaria

Ioannis N. Katsikis, Garyfallos Fragidis, Dimitrios Pashaloudis


Greece and Bulgaria have very different social and economic environments for entrepreneurship. In this empirical paper we use quantitative data in order to analyse the structure of the cross-border entrepreneurial and investment activities between the two countries in order to reveal the direction, the spatial concentration and the sectoral dissemination of entrepreneurial activities. Our analysis includes data relevant to the existing cross-border activities of firms, joint ventures, public-private partnerships and other forms of formal collaboration and provides interesting results on the regional and organisational strategies for the internationalisation and development of bilateral collaboration between the organisations of the two countries.


cross-border cooperation; international entrepreneurship; Greece; Bulgaria

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"Business Systems & Economics" ISSN online 2029-8234