Research of sales promotion in shopping centres

Margarita Išoraitė


This paper analyses the theoretical aspects of sales promotion and presents the sales strategy process. A survey was carried out on sales promotion in supermarkets. Sales promotion is one of the elements, so-called supporting components in a marketing mix. Marketing literature often reveals the following support tools: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations. The results showed that high value purchases of goods entailed coupons, free trial samples, lower price for larger packages, special price. The respondents indicated that quality, savings, entertainment, convenience, value expression, exploration were important factors in their purchasing decisions. Respondents were interested in a variety of games and lotteries offered in supermarkets. Stands can be an effective means of advertising in shopping centres. Respondents also stated that they felt satisfied if the product was purchased at a cheaper price, or if buying a product entailed gifts.


sales promotion; sales promotion strategy; customers

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