Analysis of Empirical Characteristics in the PERT method

Radek Doskočil, Karel Doubravský


The paper generally deals with the effects of a change in variance activities when computing the node and activity criticality of a PERT network diagram. The main aim of the paper is to analyse the effects of a change in variance activities for two different approaches used when computing node and activity criticality. In order to achieve the aim, a hypothesis is formed that the change in variance activity should affect the computation of the criticality probability of nodes and activities. The analysis is applied to a sample PERT network diagram comprising 9 nodes and 14 activities. A time analysis is developed using the PERT method and node and activity criticality is computed using both approaches. The computed results serve as input for further statistical processing.


network graphs; stochastic graph; PERT method; node criticality

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"Business Systems & Economics" ISSN online 2029-8234