Verification of selected weak points of information system in terms of other parameters as a part of ICTeffectiveness evaluation

Miloš Koch


The article describes the results of a research dedicated to the situation in selected areas of information systems, testing the hypotheses about the variances of results in relation to the company size using the good correspondence test with the relevance level of 0.05. The investigation used data from the research portal ZEFIS. Questions were answered by about 660 respondents from 283 companies. The sample in the survey was comprised of approx. 77% of respondents from the Czech Republic, 18% from the European Union countries, and the rest from other countries. The obtained results do not confirm the validity of working hypotheses that larger firms perceive data as more important and they have better data protection than small firms. Three selected risk areas were analysed in terms of company size, geographic coverage and profession.


effectiveness; information systems; key factors; ICT

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"Business Systems & Economics" ISSN online 2029-8234