Competencies of the enterprise as the instrument of competitive advantage creation: strategic challenge

Monika Mickevičienė


This article is aimed at justifying the choice of competences as the instrument for creating enterprise‘s sustainable competitive advantage. The importance of cognition and evaluation of resources and competences in enterprise‘s strategic management process is disclosed. It is stressed that an enterprise should have the possibility to create and realize an appropriate strategy in order to gain sustainable competitive advantage. According to the resource-based view, such a strategy is created on the basis of particular resources. However, even the possession of exceptional resources does not provide competitive advantage, as it is gained when an enterprise uses these resources efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish and evaluate actions, which an enterprise must perform when creating the strategy. The value creation chain theory of M. Porter helps highlighting the insight particular intercourses existing between the links of this chain, which have critical influence on competitive advantage. The indicator of such intercourses is the synergy of the resources and it cannot be defined and evaluated in the same way as other resources. Therefore, the need to distinguish the competences as particular substance, which concentrates all other resources for value creation purposes appears. The attitude that sustainable competitive advantage of an enterprise depen ds on its ability to use the resources (on its competences) while performing particular actions is justified.


įmonės strategija; tvarus konkurencinis pranašumas; ištekliais grįstas požiūris; kompetencijos

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