Retail internationalization level indicators establishment and assessment

Elzė Rudienė, Vytautas Vengrauskas


Relatively few articles are published about determining the level of retail trade internationalisation, and its assessment. Due to increased scope of retail internationalisation, researchers and scientists are engaging in a more in-depth analysis of the complexity of international retail process. There is a wide range of theoretical and empirical information regarding international retail and internalisation models. Moreover, the assessment of marketwide internalisation process could be a complex and difficult process. The determining of a country’s retail internationalisation level is an essential factor for the government and country itself. Policy could be adjusted with regard to international manufacturers’ involvement in the domestic retail business. Customers (individuals), local businesses and even country itself could be influenced by international players and their policy inside the country. Researchers provided a number of available research methodologies and discussed positive and negative impact of the internationalisation level on the country, businesses and individuals (consumers).


mažmeninė prekyba; mažmeninės prekybos internacionalizavimo lygis; metodika; vertinimas

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