Participation of Health Care Specialists in E-Health

Agnė Jakubčionytė, Danguolė Jankauskienė


In order to ensure patients the access to health care and a better quality of health care services and improved quality of care and also an effective administration for health care specialists, e-health systems are being implemented. Implementation of e-health system is a very complicated and complex process in terms of health policy implementation, requiring technical IT knowledge, active participation of health policy experts and all interested parties of health system. All sides have to invest a great contribution of knowledge and skills to
ensure effective health information management and operation in order to improve the overall health status of the Lithuanian population. This process requires a high level of cooperation among all participants.

This paper examines participation of Lithuanian health care specialists in implementation of e- health systems according to the results of empirical qualitative analysis. The purpose of this article is to assess the trends and scale of health care staff involvement and participation in e-health implementation, the use of these technologies in their workplace, e-health technology assessment in Lithuania and their health care facility, as well as to evaluate the specifics and needs of e-health implementation process comparing if there are regional differences. The questionnaire consists of 53 questions. Public and private health care workers (doctors, nurses, technicians) were interviewed. A representative sample of 400 respondents taken from 103 public and 45 private health care institutions was formed nationwide. The results indicate that e - health information systems are daily used by more than a half of health care workers: e-health services are equally used by urban and country respondents. A positive trend was observed compared to 2011, when only a quarter of health care institutions were using the systems. Respondents provided many suggestions how to improve the implementation of e - health system in Lithuania.


e-health; privity and satisfaction with e-health status; needs in e-health

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