Attitudes of patients towards mental day care: case study

Rasa Šulskienė, Aldona Gaižauskienė


Mental disorders is one of the major health problem over the world. Effective solutions in the field of mental health care are possible through modern prevention, treatment and rehabilitation methods. For that purpose, Mental day care is being developed.
The aim of this paper is to assess the attitudes of patients towards mental day care in Lithuania. The qualitative study was carried out. 5 patients’ interviews were analyzed using the narrative research strategy. The study revealed what is important for the patient: awareness of the potential access to services, respect, optimal service selection. By estimating the organization at the beginning of treatment, negative feelings related to uncertainty, fear were noticed. A comfortable treatment environment positively affects patients’ adaptation and positive response to emerging fears. During a period of treatment, study participants pointed out their major psychosocial changes, physical health ailments symptoms decrease, linking it with lower drug use. Patients positively assessed the opportunity to receive services in their city, and not being isolated in an inpatient psychiatric hospital.


mental health service, mental day care, patient attitudes.

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