Equity as the Main Principle of Public Financing of Health System

Dainora Bielskytė, Danguolė Jankauskienė


The article investigates the necessity of the equity principle from the theoretical point of view. It provides the systemic analysis of the equity principle, its role in health care and health care financing. Besides, it analyses the Lithuanian legal acts, which regulate the notion of the equity principle, and the instruments, which guarantee its fulfillment.
Results and recommendations. There are different types of equity principle notion interpretations, which depend on the representative of the academic field of the scientist, who presents findings. The systemic analysis showed that the best interpretation of equity would be equal opportunities of seeking health and receiving equal health results through transparent distribution of resources not dependent on social economic status of population. In the Legal Acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the health care notion of equity is explained in a very narrow meaning. There are some suggestions to regulate it through accessibility, financing, expenses, quality and consuming of health care. The guarantee of the equity principle while financing Lithuanian health system is not well defined in the Legal Acts of the Republic of Lithuania, only instruments are regulated. Public financing in Lithuania is guaranteed through collecting health insurance taxes based on personal income. Also, distribution of financing is assured by the distribution formula, which could be improved in future. It is suggested to regulate the notions more in the financing of health care equity and social financing of health care.


health system financing; public financing; equity principle in the health system financing; equity principle

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/SPV-13-1-5-04


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