Health policy values and challenges in the next decade

Danguolė Jankauskienė


The aim of the article is to highlight health care policy values and challenges today, according to – international health care policy legal acts. The article covers and discusses main EU and World Health Organization documents together with Lithuanian health care policy documents: „Health for all in the XXI century“, “European Public Health Strategy“, the white book „Together for Health, 2008-2013 EU Strategic Approach“, strategy in preparation „Health 2020“, “Lithuanian health system development framework for 2011-2020”, approved by Lithuanian Parliament Seimas. Summarizing the fundamental values declared in health policy documents, it is suggested that the new Lithuanian Health Care Programme should focus on the following: Human and patients’ rights, co-responsibility for health, equal opportunities and justice of health relations, social inclusion and equality, and evidence-based decisions. Health improvement goals have to become the strategic population development goals in the next decade. These goals have to be orientated not only to the development of health care system, but also to the healthy lifestyle and the development of healthy environment, that are influenced by the activity of not health but other sectors, and especially the inhabitants themselves.


Health care policy; Health care system; Health policy values

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