Cooperation and partnership in the innovation process: the case of the information technology sector in Lithuania

Christian Le Bas, Mindaugas Laužikas


The aim of the present research is to scrutinize how consistent and value-adding is the cooperation between Lithuanian information technology companies and educational organizations, intermediaries, government and other public or private market players in exercising innovative activities and allocating necessary human resources to one or another innovative project. Driven by the customer and competitor-focused view on the innovation strategy and being in general of small or medium size, Lithuanian information technology companies do not acknowledge the importance of openness to the environment. According to such an elaboration of thoughts, rather stronger sales, marketing and research efforts are offset by an inefficient organizational structure, a lack of financial and human resources as well as a modest expertise in introducing new management techniques. On the other hand, bringing different players under the same roof is an important, but not sufficient condition within the national system of innovation, as worse than bad players playing basketball individually are good basketballers having no knowledge and skills playing a team game. Therefore, firms need to respond to an intensified competition through improved cooperation aimed at sharing the tacit knowledge. JEL classification: L860, F190. Keywords: the national system of innovation, the innovation strategy, innovation partners.


the national system of innovation; the innovation strategy; innovation partners

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