Criteria for the evaluation and selection of capital projects

Hana Scholleová, Lenka Švecová, Jiří Fotr


The growth of an enterprise’s value as the basic aim of entrepreneurship is determined by long-term prosperity that is impossible without the implementation of a successful and permanent investment policy. Rational decision-making in the field of investment evaluation is necessary for other stages of the whole investment process. The article deals with a discussion of the results of a questionnaire-based research of enterprises in the Czech Republic that was performed by the Faculty of Business Administration in 2007. It makes use of the part of the research concerning the choice of decision-making criteria. The abovementioned regional investigation in the Czech Republic is then compared to similar pieces of research, both national and foreign. The published article is a part of the solution of the Faculty’s research intention ‘New Theory of Organizations’ Economy and Management and their Adaptation Processes’ registered in the Czech Republic under the document No. MSM 6138439905


Investment decision-making; investment projects; project appraisal techniques; hypotheses testing; empirical research

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