The Combination of Innovation and human resource strategies: the case of Information technology sector in Lithuania

Christian Le Bas, Mindaugas Laužikas


The aim of the present research is to present a set of main patterns, related to the combination of innovation and human resource strategies in the information technology sector in lithuania. To raise productiv¬ity, competitiveness and growth potential of modern economies, business innovation appears crucial; however, these objectives are not likely to be achieved without allocating necessary human resources to innovation proj¬ects and introducing an appropriate human resource strategy. survey results have clearly shown a correlation between variables tightly related to the combination of innovation and human resource strategies; these variables include the percentage of employees with doctorate and master degrees in the total headcount, disparity of net average salaries, investment in research and development, the value-added net proft generated from research and development, the percentage of commercialized innovative ideas, and other important factors. The main fndings of the research have also contributed to the identifcation of the strengths and weaknesses of Lithuanian information technology (iT) companies. it is tempting to believe that this research will serve both the lithuanian government and lithuanian enterprises as a platform to discuss, analyze and launch innovation policy initiatives supporting the combination of innovation and human resource strategies.


innovation strategy; human resource strategy; development of information technology sector

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