Peculiarities of Teachers’ Motivation to Work Creatively

Dalia Lapėnienė, Audronė Dumčienė


The goal of the study was to evaluate which source of motivation predicts teachers’ creativity. 250 teachers participated in the study. They filled out an anonymous questionnaire consisting of 29 items, which were divided into four scales. The variables measured were subjective creativity, goal internalization motivation, intrinsic process motivation and instrumental motivation. The validity of the scales was estimated using factor analysis. The reliability of the scales was estimated using the Cronbach alpha coefficient. The results of correlation and binary logistic regression analysis indicated that all three motivational sources are correlating with creativity (p < 0.01), but goal internalization motivation is the only source predicting teachers’ creativity (p < 0.01). The teachers that are driven by goal internalization motivation are likely to work creatively


teacher; subjective creativity; intrinsic process motivation; goal internalization motivation; instrumental motivation

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