Decent Work and Its Purpose

Ingrida Mačernytė Panomariovienė


Not only labour relations have changed, but also the attitude towards work and labour relations, therefore, it requires new legal regulation. The possibility to reconcile work and family obligations, work at home, qualification development, seek a career and many other things might motivate more efficient and productive work, influence work quality and satisfy the concept of decent work. The concept of “Decent work,” embedded in the Law on Support for Employment of the Republic of Lithuania (further—LSE) does not correspond to the concept of “Decent work” declared at the international and European Union level (further—EU), thus a lot of space for interpretation is left. However, consolidation of the concept of “Decent work” in the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania (further—LC) in principle would allow to implement the principle of balance between labour market flexibility and employment security.


decent work; working conditions; labour law functions; flexicurity; human rights

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