Development of entrepreneurial environment in Slovakia

Viera Ölvecká


Entrepreneurial environment in Slovakia is monitored and recently demonstrates deteriorative level. Entrepreneurs themselves defined the shortfalls as it was also confirmed by analyses of regional and national agencies. In the Slovak Republic, the small and medium enterprises have an irreplaceable role to play. Entrepreneurs consider levying charges, frequent regulation modifications, difficult exaction of justice, unavailability of loans, ambiguous policies, corrupt practices at magistracies, tax charges, and many others to be the biggest obstacles. Definition and solution of these problems is highly important to support small and medium businesses. It can foster overall conditions of entrepreneurship in Slovakia and also increase Slovakia’s competitiveness.
The aim of the article is to point out entrepreneurship and business environment conditions in the Slovak Republic, mainly the organisations oriented towards small and medium enterprises, which have an irreplaceable role predominantly in the field of workplace establishment and regional development.


entrepreneurial environment; economy; charges; regulations; corruption; market; stability

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