The Migration Flow between Lithuania and Spain: A Study of Economic Factors

Antonio Mihi-Ramírez, Dominik Metelski, Aurimas Rudžionis


International migration has increased severely in the last decade in Europe, particularly between Lithuania and Spain. This research addressed trends of earnings and unemployment and their impact on both emigration and immigration in Spain and Lithuania, relying on the data coming from the period of 2000 till 2012. An empirical analysis of both countries using data from Eurostat and national statistics departments has shown evidence that emigration and immigration were continually growing, showing, however, different behavior in terms of imbalances on earnings and unemployment. Thus, in Spain, the main factor that affects emigration is unemployment, and earnings significantly affect immigration. In turn, the results for Lithuania have shown that the main factor that affects emigration is the level of earnings, and unemployment significantly affects immigration.


economic migration; international migration; unemployment; earnings

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"Intellectual Economics" ISSN online 1822-8038 / ISSN print 1822-8011