Simplification of the rural development programme: effectiveness of the management decision in the field of common agricultural policy

Svilen Kolev, Roumiana Atanassova


Abstract: the present report is intended to analyse and propose methods for the improvement of the process of management decision-making in the field of agriculture in Bulgaria. It will increase the effectiveness and speed up simplification on the basis of analysis of existing gaps and opportunities in the management of funding available under the Rural Development Programme (RDP).It will also significantly reduce bureaucracy. It is important to note that avoiding frequent changes of rules for the implementation of the RDP is an essential condition for smooth operation of the programme.
Impact Assessment is used at the EU level, and it is well known as an assessment tool of the potential economic, social and environmental consequences. This assessment tool was used before new initiatives of the European Commission were proposed, however rarely implemented at Member States level.
The goal of the article is to justify the analyses need of the effects for the RDP measures implementation, using the Balanced Scorecard, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It would allow simplification of the procedures and will increase the effectiveness of the RDP funding.
The simplification and the analyse of the effects of the RDP measures funding are a new element of analysis. This analysis has to include the impact, as well as the costs for and benefits of the implementation of each measure.
Economic effectiveness and simplification in the implementation of the different measures of the program are considered. The aim is to achieve optimal management solutions that will generate higher added value.


Simplification; Effectiveness; Rural Development Programme; Decision-making process; Balanced Score; Impact Assessment; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Common Agricultural Policy

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