Understanding the inter-linkage of innovations – the finnish flat glass and value added industries

Olavi Uusitalo


Technological innovation plays an important role in the process of long-run growth. There are many studies on the country and aggregate level innovativeness, patents, etc. This paper, on the contrary, focuses on two individual innovations, float glass and safety glass manufacturing technology, introduced in the late 1950s and the inter-linkage of these innovations in Finland. The flat glass and safety glass industries were both international and very tightly interlinked. We illustrated the evolution of the flat glass industry and its value-added industries. The government policy towards foreign companies is tracked, as well. The study period is from 1960 to 1985.


inter-linkage of innovation; networks; government policy; flat glass

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/IE-14-8-2-07


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"Intellectual Economics" ISSN online 1822-8038 / ISSN print 1822-8011