Implications Of Education Within Csr At The Example Of Polish And Croatian Students At Universities Of Economics

Grażyna WOLSKA, Iwona BĄK, Ivona Vrdoljak RAGUZ, Maciej OESTERREICH


Abstract. Still three decades ago, the concept of CSR was no subject of interest for scientists in Poland and Croatia. However, today it has become the area of interest among academic circles, exceeding beyond businesscircles. Previously, the economies overwhelmed with neo-liberal ideology attached little importance to the issues promoted by CSR, e.g. environmental, ethical and social issues.Only the 2008+ crisis revealed the need to use the normative potential within the material infrastructure of CSR at all levels of business activity.Therefore, there was an opportunity to begin effective social dialogue.More and more universities (not only universities of economics) decided to include this issue in their study programmes. However, research surveys conducted by the authors of this article revealed that so far, in Poland and Croatia, the results are not completely satisfactory.The aim of this article is to evaluate the educational outcomes within CSR under research conducted among the Polish and Croatian students at universities of economics.


CSR, statistical analysis, survey research

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