Electronic Mail Acceptance Evaluation by Extended Technology Acceptance Model and Moderation Effects of Espoused National Cultural Values Between Subjective Norm and Usage Intention

Savaş Mutlu, Azize Ergeneli


The aim of the study is to test the Extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM2) for electronic mail (e-mail) acceptance in a Turkish iron and steel company and to investigate the moderation effects of Espoused Natıonal Cultural Values (ENCV) (i.e. Individualism/Collectivism (IC), Masculinity/Femininity (MF), Uncertainty Avoidence (UA) and Power Distance (PD)) between Subjective Norm (SN) and e-mail Usage Intention (UI). In addition, the direct effect of power distance on e-mail usage intention was investigated. The research included 286 white-collared partricipants. The Statistical Package and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) programmes were used for statistical analysis. In the result of the study, the Perceived Ease Of Use (PEOU) and subjective norm were found as determinants of e-mail usage intention, PEOU was found as a strong determinant of Perceived Usefulness (PU) and power distance had a negative direct effect on e-mail usage intention but moderated positively the relation between subjective norm and e-mail usage intention.


E-mail Usage; Espoused National Cultural Values; Extended Technology Acceptance Model

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