Transformation of the Russian Approach to Management in the Condition of Globalisation

Michail Kulapov, Maxim Ponomarev


The object of the article is devoted to the problem of the transformation of management in the conditions of transition to global economy. This paper shows that classical principles of management (Taylor and Sloun) have lost their efficiency for management of modern organizations, and their application will support only an existing condition of the organization, instead of promoting its development. On the basis of the research of tendencies of development conducted by authors and features of management in the conditions of globalized economy, the conclusion is drawn of the necessity of the transformation of a system of preparation of managers existing in Russia. The example of a new innovative method of preparation of managers, used in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, is the result


management; globalization; hydrocarbon export; education; Bologna process; student science; a new teaching method

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