Innovative Marketing Decisions Drive in Business Activities - A Perspective Direction of Research

Laura Uturytė-Vrubliauskienė, Mantas Linkevičius


In recent decades, the rapid growth of innovative Internet based information and communication technologies created a new field of scholastic and academic study among scholars. Mainly, the attention of researchers is meeting point on new ways to form relationship thought social network sites. Social network sites represent a new form of web communities, where people meet and share interests and activities. Due to exponential growth of these sites, an increasing number of scholars are beginning to study the emergent phenomena in order to identify the new ways of marketing possibilities based on information technologies. This article examines the recent literature about this issue. JEL classification: JEL -M310, M 390. Keywords: Internet marketing, social network marketing, social network sites, benefits of using social networks for business.


Internet marketing; social network marketing; social network sites; benefits of using social networks for business

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