"Conceptualization of the Effectiveness of Marketing Tools"

Irena Daukševičiūtė, Aivaras Valainis, Neringa Vilkaitė


The measurement of the effectiveness of marketing tools is the utmost gap in surveys of mosaic of marketing effectiveness. Research in this field proposes a wide range of possibilities to measure the effectiveness of marketing tools, nevertheless, measurement of its elements (return and cost of marketing) remains an unexplored field in scientific literature. Hence the authors of this research elaborate on the conceptual essence of marketing tools effectiveness and measurement of its elements. Firstly, different approaches to marketing effectiveness are reviewed. Readers are also introduced to dimensions, components, as well as with a chain of causes and outcomes of marketing effectiveness. Therefore, we attempt a critical evaluation of measurement of marketing tools effectiveness. Finally, estimation of core problems of measurement of return on marketing and marketing cost are generalized.


effectiveness; marketing effectiveness; marketing tools effectiveness; return on marketing; marketing costs

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"Intellectual Economics" ISSN online 1822-8038 / ISSN print 1822-8011