"Business Implications of Recent Developments in Nanotechnology for Micro Scale Devices"

Arpit Ludhiyani, Rohit Pathak, Satyadhar Joshi


The paper describes the commercial aspects of developments in Nanotechnology. We have elucidated the implications of reliability modeling, multi scale modeling and HPC modeling (High performance computing) for product commercialization of Nano devices. Various modeling options are discussed that can aid the modeling of commercially viable nano products. A model is proposed taking in account the most major aspects of nanotech commercialization and is linked with other technical aspects as well social factors. This work gives deeper insight on understanding the issues involved and business prospectus of nanotechnology. The motivation is taken from our earlier work on reliability engineering and the result shows that the theory of exponential models for Survival Rate function after proper amification can be applied on the TTC (Time to commercialize model) modeling.


Nanotechnology; Reliability; Modeling; Business; Time to commercialize

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