The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania in the Wider Context of Constitutional Development

Egidijus Jarašiūnas


In this article the author suggests to analyse the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania in the wider context of constitutional development. Such analysis could help to comprehend the true meaning of constitutional regulation of this country and to foresee the tendencies and prospects of constitutional development. The constitutionalism in the world, in Europe, in the Central and Eastern Europe is likened to three dimensions which clarify various characteristics of a national constitution. The author of the article deals with the interrelations of two common traits in the European legal systems (the constitutionalisation of Law and influence of the law of the European Union) to the future development of constitutionalism as well. This tendency compels one to think about granting a new mission to the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court must become true protector of the boundary between the national law and that of the European Union.

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