Tendencies of the Development of Criminalistics in Lithuania: Science and Practice

Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka


On the basis of positive experience of democratic countries and taking into consideration present level of development of this science, the article analyses the state of the science of criminalistics and trends of its development in Lithuania. Hindrances to the development of the science of criminalistics are being enumerated, offers in regard to priorities of reform of criminalistics are being tried to ground, concrete proposals in regard to modeling of criminalistic institutions and deepening of criminalistic studies are given as well. submitted is the future trend of the science program devoted to problems of the science and its perspectives in the new century.
In order to further develop the science of criminalistics, to connect science and studies, create modern methods of criminalistic research, to deepen teaching of criminalistics and to ensure appropriate upgrading of qualification of law and order officer, foundation of institute for scientific criminalistic research is proposed.

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