Conceptualization of inter-organizational partnership structural model in local government

Agota Giedre Raisiene


The partnership structure influences the possibility to implement jodint goals in general. It can develop, maintain or encumber the collaboration process and value of a partnership. Thus, the facilitative structure of a partnership is an actual constituent of efficient inter-organizational partnership implementation. The aim of the research is to develop a conceptual structural model for effective interorganizational partnership in Local Government. There are two such models presented in the article. Models are based on principles of involvement, participation, commitment, personal and group responsibility and comprise vertical and horizontal interaction of social subjects. These models: a) allow to reduce bureaucratic obstacles that occur because of the influence and powers of sponsoring institutions and supervisory authorities on initiation and implementation of inter-organizational programmes and projects; b) eliminate subordinate relations among municipalities and other partnership participants; c) encourages social responsibility of interorganizational interaction participants since organizations realizing programmes and projects become partially economically interested not only in achievement of the set goals but also in assurance of positive social effect in a long-term perspective.


inter-organizational partnership; partnership structure; Local Government

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