The Role of International Organizations in the Processes of Electronic Government Level Evaluation and Development Coordination

Vladislavas Domarkas


Emphasizing that e. government is becoming one of the attributes of globalization and multilevel governance is influencing its development, the article analyses the initiatives of the European Union (EU), European Commission (EC) and the Division for Public Administration and Development Management of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, witch can be used for generalization of e. government development achievements and serve as a tool for its further development. The importance of the European Commission’s strategic documents on information society development and periodically prepared studies on e. Services in the European Union countries for e. government regional development is underlined. It is stated that the United Nations reports on e. government development are an effective tool for global coordination of this development and they can help governments of different countries to determine e. government development trends and to take into account the good practices of other countries.


e. government; coordination role of the European Union; coordination role of the United Nations

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