Human Capital Development under Innovative Economy Conditions: Methodological Aspect

Oleg Amosov, Andrey Degtyar


Methodological aspects of coming into being and development of the innovative economy as a phenomenon of the transformation period are considered in the article. An argumentative conclusion about the fact that the fundamental basis for realization of the model of innovative development is formation and further development of human capital is made. It is argued, that priorities of investments into man, his/her creative, intellectual and innovative potential can be considered as a perspective direction of the state policy of socio-economic development. It is shown, that to the basis of the new scientific paradigm, which would adequately reflect the demands of social progress, should be placed the principle of rational correlation of economic purposefulness and social orientation as the phenomenon of innovative economy is, first of all, the phenomenon of human capital.


innovative economy; intellectual property; economic and social development; innovative model of development

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