Methodological Aspects of the Democratization of Public Governance

Alvydas Raipa


The methodology of public governance has only been analysed recently. The methodology of public governance consists of a collection of concepts, ideas, reforms, degrees and other problems of theory. The role of methodology is important in the field as applied, practical and interdisciplinary as public governance. The study analyses how public administration theory developed at the end of the twentieth and at the start of the twenty-first century. The article examines the theories of public sector practice, such as theories on public organization behaviour, public management, and public policy implementation in a global environment. Theories on bureaucratic politics seek to explain how the politics–administration dichotomy is transforming from the traditional theoretical framework to the new democratic systematic framework and to a new understanding of public governance democratization, which is central in today’s organizational theory. The primary issue addressed in the article is the development of public administration and governance theory in the period of globalization and modernization, and changes in the definition of the role of theory in public governance.


methodology; public governance; democratization; citiziens participation; theoretical argumentation

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