The Applicability of a Risk Communication Concept for Ukraine as a Method of Enhancing Public Confidence in State Authorities

Natalya Alyushina, Аndiy Kucheruk


The rapidly increasing crisis in the Ukrainian society presents the problem of analysing the concept of crisis communication. Topics which relate to risks and threats to life, health and well-being of the citizens, attract great attention from the public. However, the existing forms of communication, in most cases, are not professionally argumentative or reliable forms of communication. This impedes the making of reasonable and constructive risk assessments by the community. Many public agencies make risk assessments using different criteria—this generates additional obstacles to efficient risk regulation and significantly decreases public confidence in the state authorities. The aim of this article is one of the first attempts to analyse the foreign practice of risk communication in the Ukrainian scientific literature. With analytical and comparative methods of research, a systematisation of developments by foreign investigators is shown, and an original definition of risk communication is proposed. Modern trends and areas of research are taken into account, including the generation of risks caused by the intervention of people in environmental and technological processes.


communications; risk communication; crisis communications; characteristics of risk communication; objectives of risk communication; stages of risk communication; strategies of risk communication

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603