Career Development in the Lithuanian Public Service: Systemic Approach

Andrius Valickas, Vladimiras Gražulis


Career development is an inseparable part of the system of human resource management of any civil service. While forming a new conception of the Lithuanian civil service, it is necessary to pay more systemic attention to career development as the means to strengthen the managerial potential in the service. Many theoretical considerations were developed and much of empirical material was collected in respect of the separate components and processes of career development systems: on one hand, related to individual career development having a long history and rich theoretical base, and, on the other hand, dealing with human resource development, a relatively young field of study, which is still creating and renewing its theoretical base. However, it has to be stressed that quite a big gap is still noticeable between these areas of scientific study, thus, they are often considered to be separate, not generating united theoretical and research ideas. Therefore, in the present article an attempt is made to suggest certain solutions for the mentioned practical and theoretical problems by considering the main principles of the functioning of effective career development systems and, with reference to that, constructing the model of the career development system for the civil service integrating individual and organizational levels. A systemic analysis of theoretical conceptions, a comparative analysis and an analysis of the best career development practices in public and private organizations were used as the methods for modelling the career development system.


human resource management; civil service; career development system

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