Coproduction of Public Services: Individual versus Collective Customer Participation

Evandželina Petukienė


Customer participation in the coproduction of services is recognized as a topical subject of scholarly research in both public and private sectors and as a concept erasing the boundary between market-based logics of development and traditional theories of public administration. Nonetheless, in the scholarly literature there is no common agreement regarding the conception of customer participation in the coproduction of services. There is no integrated approach merging the conceptions of the coproduction of services as treated from the marketing and public administration points of view. This article aims at defining the conception of customer participation in the coproduction of public services, which integrates the approaches of marketing and public administration. The most important dimensions differentiating the conception of the coproduction of services in different disciplines are identified. One of such conceptions is individual and collective participation of customers. When presenting the essence of individual and collective customer participation, the author identifies the aspects that highlight the boundary between the coproduction of services and other forms of civic participation and that enable the specification of an integrated approach to this concept.


customer participation in services; coproduction of public services; individual participation; collective participation

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603