Lithuanian Public Sector Codes of Ethics: Possibilities for Improvement

Jolanta Palidauskaitė


The analysis of seventeen codes of ethics and codes of conduct existing in various Lithuanian public institutions allows making several recommendations for their improvement. Both content and comparative analyses were used paying attention not only to quantitative (how many words are in the text), but qualitative aspects (how deeply the topic was analyzed, etc.) as well. The aim of the code, its status, the internal structure, the scope of analyzed questions, the anticipated responsibility and the administration of the code were chosen as the comparison criteria. Based on the analysis of existing codes several recommendations for future development and improvement of those documents were made. One of the remarks made after the survey is the mixed nature of codes: the title and the content often are not corresponding to each other. Codes of conduct remind codes of ethics and vice versa. One of the weak points is vague responsibility and question of monitoring of the document.


code of ethics; code of conduct; content analyses

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