Concept, Directions and Practice of City Attractiveness Improvement

Jolita Sinkienė, Saulius Kromalcas


This article discusses the concept of attractive city and its role in the context of international competition of cities. The authors draw attention to the changing orientation of cities development efforts from heavy industry to creative, talented and highly-skilled residents. Three main groups of society - residents, business and/or visitors – are proposed as possible target groups of a city. General needs of each of the group for a location of their activity are distinguished as well. The authors emphasise the importance of values, identity, especially the socio-cultural heritage of a city community for a successful strategies to improve the attractiveness of a city. The article also presents main results of the research, which aimed to identify directions of Lithuanian cities to improve their attractiveness.


attractive city; city target groups; characteristics of attractive city

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603