The managerial competencies of civil servants in Lithuania

Eglė Butkevičienė, Eglė Vaidelytė


Managerial competencies often emerge as one of the main factors that netermine the success of an organization. Scholars have noticed that the damage caused by bad administration in the public sphere is often much more serious than that resulting from natural disasters. According to theorists and practitioners, there have been significant changes in the approach towards managerial competencies and the way people are managed in the public sector over the last few decades all over the world. The article discusses the empirical results of a study on the managerial competencies of civil servants in Lithuania, conducted in autumn of 2008. The study examined managerial competencies based on the skills of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling. Respondents were asked to identify their own managerial competencies as well as those of their managers. On the basis of the research, the main civil servant-manager types were identified. The study revealed that the majority of civil servants have a rather favourable view of their own managerial competencies.


civil servants; civil service; managerial competencies

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