Development and Substantiation of the of Human Resource Development Model

Jurgita Šiugždinienė


The traditional approach to employment conditions in the civil service has been fundamentally challenged by the implementation of public management reforms and the change in status of personnel associated with it. These fundamental changes call for a significant transformation of the human resource function in general and human resource development (HRD) responsibility in particular. Therefore, the article seeks to develop and substantiate the theoretical model of the human resource development system in the context of public management reform. The model is based on the strategic approach to HRD. It presents a systematic approach to the HRD system and can not be implemented in a piecemeal manner. The research revealed that the primary concern of HRD should be the establishment of strong linkages with the strategic goals of the organization and the development of a work environment which facilitates learning.


human resource management; human resource development; learning organization; organizational development

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