Attitudes to Work Conditions of the Public and Private Sector Workers: Analysis of the European Social Survey Data

Vaidas Morkevičius


This article analyzes attitudes to work conditions of the public and private sector employees. The study is based on the analysis of data of the 4th and 5th waves of the European Social Survey wherein populations of the majority of European countries (including Lithuania) were asked different questions about their working conditions. The empirical analysis is focused on differences and similarities of attitudes towards workload and working conditions of the public and private sector workers. Analysis of the survey data showed that the public sector employees work relatively fewer working hours (up to 40), and their additional workload is less than that in the private sector. The study also revealed that altruistic (public benefit) motivation is more common among public sector employees, while private sector employees are better motivated by selfish (personal benefit) incentives.


public and private sector; work conditions; work attitudes; European Social Survey

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