Enhancing Efficiency of Human Resources Services in Government Agencies of Kazakhstan

Alma Kuljambekova


New objectives of human resources (hereinafter referred to as HR) service include the implementation of HR policy and coordination of HR management in a government agency. Therefore responsibilities of HR service are starting to embrace a wider range of activities, including development of labour motivation systems, management of professional promotion, and diagnostic method of auditing in HR management in a government agency.
Enhancing efficiency of government agencies, quality of public services they deliver and implementation of state functions have become the key focus of all broad reforms in the civil service in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The effectiveness of reforms depends on the combination of various factors and conditions. The organization in charge of locally implementing the reforms is HR service, which is one of the key links in managing and providing effective and innovative activities of a government agency.


efficiency; human resources service; government agencies

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/VPA-13-12-4-10


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