Comparative Perspectives towards Civil Servants’ Motivation

Jolanta Palidauskaitė


The aim of the paper is to compare civil servants’ motivation in countries having different civil service model. The article starts with a short introduction of factors motivating civil servants. Later on differences between career-based and post models are explored, paying special attention towards motivational factors. Data from civil servant’s motivational survey conducted in Lithuania 2007 allows the comparison with data form other countries. Comparative analysis proves that civil servants despite different level of economical development and civil service model are motivated and demotivated by rather similar factors. Among the motivators are salary, job security and social guarantees. Too much rules and regulations, bad leadership, political pressures have a negative impact on their motivation.


motivation of public servants; motyvators

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603