Trends of Nongovernmental Organizations’ Environmental Activism in Lithuania

Audronė Telešienė, Neringa Kriaučiūnaitė


The article aims to analyze trends of environmental activism in Lithuania implemented by nongovernmental organizations. The authors of the article present theoretical analysis of forms of environmental activism as well as findings of empirical research „Environmental Activism of Lithuanian Non-governmental Organizations“. The research was conducted using methods of qualitative and quantitative content anglysis and interview. Empirical findings lead to analysis of the forms of environmental activism characteristic to Lithuanian NGO‘s, analysis of partnership networks, spectrum of addressed environmental problems, indication of social groups that are targeted by the NGO‘s, and the way that leaders of NGO‘s assess the efficiency of various environmental actions.


trends of civic participation; environmental activism

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603