Evolution of E-government in the States of the Eastern Border of the European Union

Gintaras Žilinskas


The aim of this article is to analyse the differences of e-government development between a) member states of the Eastern Border of the European Union (EU-8) and member states of the old EU (EU-15); b) member states of EU-8 and the all countries of EU (EU-28); c) member states of EU-8 and countries, which became member states of EU after 2004 (EU- 5). Comparative analysis was used to determine and evaluate the tendencies of e-government development in EU-8 during the period of 2003-2012. Data of United Nations E-Government survey about e-government development was used in this article. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria compose EU-8. It was estimated that countries of EU-8 made significant progress in development of e-government. However the gap between member states of EU-8 and countries of EU-15, EU-5 and EU-28 still remains. Higher homogeneity in the area of e-government development in the countries of EU-8, EU- 15 and EU-5 compared to the countries of EU-28 was found.


e-government; index; European Union; Eastern Border

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