Strategic Planning Models of the (Departments of) Public Sector Institutions in Foreign Countries

Malvina Arimavičiūtė


This article analyses the strategic plans of 10 departments of foreign countries using three approaches: by planning method, by content of the strategy, and by the context.
Rational strategic planning method dominates the strategic plans of the departments and the models of process connections, in which strategic planning and implementation is based on the changes implemented by an institution, are not used very often.
As to the strategic content, the main goals of departmental strategies are expansion of activities, transformation, and application of new policies. The context of the external environment is evaluated in the strategic plans of few departments. The analysis of internal factors and resources is also rarely performed.
Besides environmental context and targeted specialisation, the following (specific) areas are investigated in the strategic plans of some departments: decentralisation, strategic challenges, partnership, and risk evaluation.


department; strategic plan; models; planning method; planning goal; context; the content of a plan

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