Internal Market Orientation in Higher Education Institutions – its Inter-Relations with Other Organisational Variables

Vera Silva Carlos, Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues


Organisations increasingly realise that workers are essential to act in face of the changes that occur internally and externally, so understanding the needs and desires of the workers and how to address these issues is essential. Our main objective is to analyse the relationships between internal market orientation and job satisfaction, organisational commitment, organisational citizenship behaviour and performance. Therefore, we propose a research model. Direct and indirect relationships exist among the variables, although some are insignificant, so the model has an empirical foundation. Specifically in higher education, commitment, satisfaction and performance appear to be moderate. However, the display of organisational citizenship behaviours is, on average, moderate to high. Also, internal market orientation in this context is low.


internal marketing; internal market orientation; job satisfaction; organisational commitment; organisational citizenship behaviours; performance; higher education

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"Public Policy and Administration" ISSN online 2029-2872 / ISSN print 1648-2603