An Analysis of the Factors of Organization’s Innovation Field

Alvydas Baležentis


One of the most important directions of the cooperation between public and private sector is the implementation of the state innovation policy in the organizations. Innovation policy has to contribute to form the innovation field, which would be favourable for the constant renewal of the enterprise. The methodical issues of the analysis of the organization’s innovation field and the factors of the innovation fields of the enterprises are discussed in this article. 70 enterprises of different size (micro, small, medium and big enterprises) participated in the research conducted. The research was conducted by stages and it was based on such methods as the analysis of resources, expert evaluations, questionnaire survey, analysis of results. The most important external and internal factors of innovation stimulation and innovation stopping in the enterprises innovation fields were identified during the research. The most significant public (external) factors promoting the innovations are the changes in the market, progress of science, training system, decrease of labour resources while the stopping factors are the competition in the market, expensive new technologies, lack of specialists, problems of qualification raising. The results of the research are relevant in making public innovation policy, in preparing the strategies and programmes for the creation of innovation system.


innovation management; innovation field; factors of innovation field

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