Role of Technology Transfer in Innovation Process: Lithuanian Innovation Policy Perspective

Austė Kraujelytė, Rimantas Petrauskas


Technology transfer is a complex phenomenon, which requires specific attention from public policy perspective. This article is focused on the analysis of technology transfer and its place in the innovation process and innovation policy. Particular attention is being paid to the analysis of innovation policy in Lithuania and its relation to the concept of technology transfer. The main aim is to research a technology transfer as a phenomenon, to identify its peculiarities and to justify the necessity of separate technology transfer policy or separate field of innovation policy, exclusively focused on the incentives for technology transfer. The article covers analysis of technology transfer from science to business, different types and methods of technology transfer, generalizations about the place of technology transfer in innovation process, milestones of Lithuanian innovation policy and main problems, which prevent successful technology transfer development in Lithuania. The authors underline the necessity to pay particular attention to the means, focused on stimulating technology transfer from science to business, while developing innovation policy in Lithuania. The possibility of separate technology transfer policy is also a viable solution, as technology transfer is a complex process, which requires specific incentives. The authors conclude with the main principles for the technology transfer policy in Lithuania.


technology transfer; innovation; innovation policy

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