Theoritical and Practical Aspects of Politization of Public Administration

Jolanta Juralevičienė, Edita Galvanauskaitė


In the context of constant change the public administration system undergoes different types of reforms: amendment of interaction mechanisms among institutions representing different management levels, application of competence and qualification improvement methods in the public service, etc. By stressing the importance of improvement of public administration system on a wider general environment this article analyses theoretical and practical aspects of politization of the system in both Lithuania and other countries. Although in reality the separation of politics and administration is impossible, yet, by assuring a maximum protection of the public service system from political interests, it is possible to stabilize the process of state governance and to create a professional public service, which would be based on qualification, performance and merit results, but not on personal or party-based (political) interests.


politics; administration; public service; politicizing

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