Contemporary Trends of Social Policy in Ukraine

Juozas Matakas, Vainius Smalskys


The aim of the article is to analyze and to present contemporary trends and problems of various social policy areas in Ukraine. This country partly declares pro-occidental development course and its efforts to reform the social policy and to improve the administration of social services institutions are observable. Social policy of Ukraine is analyzed in a broad sense including such fields (social policy subsystems): Ukrainian social and economical development and its evaluation, social care problems, the youth policy sphere, the training system of social workers, a situation of human trafficing, the prevention of socially dangerous illnesses, the Ukrainian education policy tendencies, the pension system. A conclusion is drawn, that Ukrainian Social Policy Model must represent social, economic and cultural traditions; furthermore, the present internal facts of public life. Nowadays, there is an oligarchic market economy in Ukraine, and for this reason the country needs a motivation – a corporate social policy model. The government should stimulate (motivate) oligarchs (for example, by reducing taxes) to invest in social purpose objects and in this way to conduce towards the preservation of social peace in Ukrainian society.


Ukraine; social policy; problems of social policy realization

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